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Carolina is a Certified Nutritionist who specializes in fertility, PCOS, and reproductive health nutritional therapy and dietary education.

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My Story ​

To highlight the gravity of my health story, I have to start at the very beginning.


When I was only five years old, I was diagnosed with precocious puberty, which included expedited growth of my bones, muscles, and reproductive organs. I was given with anti-growth hormones, but my rapid development continued.


Ten years later, at the age of thirteen, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). The symptoms of PCOS include: amenorrhea, anovulation (no period or ovulation), acne, metabolic syndrome, weight gain, hair loss, cystic ovaries, and facial hair, to name a few.

My "treatment" included birth control pills and a “diabetic diet” of low-fat and high fiber. I was told there was nothing I could do, and that I would never have children. (This was in 1998 and with the enhancements in reproductive medicine the prediction isn't quite so stark.)


Soon after diagnosis, I began gaining weight uncontrollably. I was tired all the time, foggy, short-tempered, and downright miserable.


Over the years, I visited a few endocrinologists and primary care physicians who told me to “lose weight”. It was a lovely thought, but I was at a loss of how to accomplish the task. I was already “eating less and exercising more”, yet my weight topped out at nearly 400lbs in my early 20s.


It was six years later that I decided I needed help to solve my health issues. Having sworn off regular doctors, I found a naturopathic doctor in my town.


I was in shock that I was able to spend a full hour with a physician! She assured that my symptoms were common and could be eliminated. Finally, someone who not only listened to my struggle, but believed me, and could provide actionable steps to reach my goal of health. (If you have never been to an ND, please schedule an appointment! I have never felt more valuable and empowered.)


My doctor ran some blood work and found very concerning things, one of which was a sky high fasting insulin level despite a normal A1c (blood sugar). I had never heard of this test! My doctor suggested I take a few weeks off work to address my stress level and modify my diet to have less sugar. 

It seems so obvious now, but no physician had ever addressed sugar specifically with me. In regard to diet, the only advice I had been given was to eat less calories, even if I felt extremely hungry. 


After only four months on a carbohydrate-controlled diet (keto), after 16 years of PCOS and not a single normal hormonal cycle, started having normal and regular monthly cycles, and had more energy than ever before.

I've been following a carbohydrate-controlled diet since 2014 have feel fantastic. I've now lost 200 pounds without counting calories or feeling deprived. In 2017, I had my twin boys without reproductive assistance and maintained my diet in pregnancy and postpartum.

I took the long road to health because there wasn't a better option. Now, others can benefit from all I've learned. My goal is to be a champion for others, whether they've been on a long and arduous health journey and believe they'll never get better, or if they're just starting out and want to avoid the expensive and exhausting runaround.


Everyone deserves health!

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